Monday, November 16, 2009

Defining: Body Image

Body image refers to a person's perception of his or her own physical appearance, or the interpretation of the body by the brain. Body image describes how one perceives one's appearance to be to others, which in many cases may be dramatically different from one's objective physical condition or how one is actually perceived by others.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Body and Health: Group Objective

Empirical Research:
Yoon- I am planning to make a survey that people from all over the world can take, instead of giving survey questions to our class. Body and Health conditions may differ to individuals who have different cultural backgrounds; therefore, it will be better to survey people who are wealthy, classified as middle-class, and poor separately with narrowed down or specific topic. People might have different medical treatments that determine their health; so, I think it is good to survey people who get medical treatment and people who get minor treatments. I also think it is extremely important to ask people who came to U.S from other countries that whether they get better medical treatments or not than before. <----Click here to view my lastest progress

Literature Review:
Jeanie- All articles were found within the Pollack on-line library. Also, all articles were peer-reviewed. The two main categories were female body image and male body image with media influence. Three sub-categories were eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, and background/cultural research. In lieu of an article, we will show a trailer or parts of a short documentary video that supports the media’s influence on body image. There are a total of fourteen articles and one video. <----Click here to view my lastest progress
Empirical research will be done by interviews, participant observation, and survey research. The empirical research will be done by Yoon and I going around asking survey questions to students, to see what their views on Body and Health are. I will also be interviewing certain individuals who have had experience working in the field of health or fitness, which will include fitness trainers as well as nutrition experts. The participant observation part will be done by me as well. I have been involved in martial arts for over half of my life, and being involved in this specific group of people will allow many opportunities for me to get informal interviews, and also conduct surveys to this group as well. <----Click here to view my lastest progress

Keith- I will focus on several aspects of popular culture and how it shapes the views of body and health the populace has. To accomplish this I will analyze these areas personally as well as interview different demographics of people to get their views on how these aspects of popular culture effects their opinions and perspective on body and health. Areas including advertising, movies/ television, and music will all be used determine if and how popular culture has an active role in shaping the perception of ideal body and health in American society. <----Click here to view my lastest progress

Candy- Description of how body image has changed over time in relation women. What was considered being fit twenty years ago, compared to being fit today. Researching past health magazines and articles describing health, eating habits, and fitness. Comparing the past with the present and how eating habits and work out sessions have changed. Health issues such as eating disorders (anorexia). Woman’s Shape Magazine will be used for the data, dating back to the oldest copies. Other sources of information will include medical websites. <----Click here to view my lastest progress

Total Points = 10%

1-5 Points
Participation: Did group member constantly communication with the group? Was the group member involved with the Webblog? Did the group member contributing to the group?

1-5 Points
Performance: The quality of the work that the individual group member did on their assigned Webblog. Did they post information often? Was enough time spent on the Webblog? Was the Webblog done in a timely manner?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Issue and Controversy of Body Image and Health

Does the media and popular culture directly influence the way women feel their bodies need to look like?
This question is very controversial and has an impact on every woman in the United States. There is a constant bombardment of advertisements, television shows and movies that show women to look a certain way. Often this body type showcased is due to the model or actress having many people around her such as trainers and nutritionists to ensure she maintains a certain body type. However these women are still prevalent in media and they may influence the common woman thoughts and feelings about how her own body should look to varying degrees.

Eating disorders is a big issue concerning Body and Health. Disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia, just to name a few, are usually centered on a distorted perception of oneself. These are disorders that at first are body image issues, but eventually, if not stopped or intervened can lead to serious health risk, and in extreme cases even death. These disorders in particular are just some examples of how body image issues can in fact lead to health risks, but it also shows how powerful body image is. (Posted by: Keith & Bryan)